Early Work


Stand Sentry


"So, you're new."

Book-smart meets street-smart in this modern look at the changing of the guards in an us-vs-them dystopian world, not so unlike the one we inhabit today. 

Stand Sentry premiered at the Strasbourg International Film Festival (2009), where it was nominated for three awards, and screened at The Portebello Film Festival in London.  Stand Sentry was written by Jason Hall, directed by Stephen Sheffer and Meghan Hemingway. The script won first prize in the London Writer's Competition 2006, and was published in the competition anthology.


"That is quite a bone."

her job is on the chopping block... and now there's blood everywhere. the bone is the story of a wealthy couple who attempt to maintain appearances as everything they've built crashes around them.

the bone premiered in 2012 at the landmark sunshine theatre in new york city as part of the ny shorts fest and was also an official selection at the brussels film market. the bone is written by justin skrakowski and stephen sheffer, directed by stephen sheffer and stars meghan hemingway, sarah strasser, eric morris, sam williams and tracy mcallister.


The Bone